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Winter Volleyball Championships in Chicago IL. 2020

By Lil Puckett, 01/26/20, 12:00PM CST


Missouri Volleyball Academy (MOVA), once again showed its Continued Growth and Potential at this years 2020 Boys (18's Girls) Winter Volleyball Championships in Chicago IL.

Four of MOVA's 20 teams attended the Championships and reinforced that " MOVA-MADE" means HIGHLY competitive Volleyball!!

First up, 18 Gold Girls.  These incredible young women, of whom most of them have played together since they were (12s), established from the opening whistle, their Dominance on the volleyball court, in their play/communication, as well as there (VB IQ), along with a veteran coaching staff, they went 2-1 Day 1.

Day two, due to there accomplishments the first day, saw stiffer competition, despite that, they played very HIGH LEVEL VOLLEYBALL, and found themselves still in the (GOLD) bracket. 

The first match was a very competitive one, with a back and forth flow to the points being scored between MOVA 18G Girls & Fierce Elite 18 Adidas, with MOVA coming out on top the first set, 25-16.  In the second, again, back and forth, the momentum shifted, and with that, Fierce 18 held off MOVA 18 by a slim margin, 22-25. Set 3, for those that were not there to witness it, the play was the definition of ...VOLLEYBAL-STRONG... by both sides, very closely played,  with Fierce 18 squeaking by, 12-15.
The next match, was with a strong Capital 18 Navy team and MOVA 18G Girls prevailed wining in 2 sets. Then 18G Girls played a feisty Fusion 18 Silver team, losing in two highly contested sets.

Day 3 , MOVA 18G Girls, had to play a team for a second time, Capital 18 Navy. After dropping the first set close, 19-25, they RALLIED back to take the second, 25-18. The third set showed two very determined teams battling, with MOVA falling just short by the score of 12-15....again.  I can honestly say that this team's story is still being written, stay tuned as BIG THINGS are still in store for this the way, they finished in the (Top 20) over all..... 17th!! ...Well done!!

Next Up, 18 Gold Boys. Let me start by saying this team is a FORCE, not just in size, but in ability of play!! The testament to that fact, is them going 5-0 in combination of the first 5 matches played Day 1 and first two matches of Day 2, only having to play three sets .....ONCE...  See, I told ya!! 

So with that said, that takes us to the third match day 2. In this one, MOVA played a mirror image of itself, a Good Sized, well skilled RUSH 18 Red team from AZ, loosing there first match of the weekend  in two highly contested sets, of witch the second went into "overtime" to be decided.  MOVA 18Gold Boys then had one of two crossover matches, playing a Gateway Rival, in HPSTL B18 White, winning that match smoothly in two straight sets.  Now on to the second crossover match, and,  who do they have face, but only to "look in the mirror" yet again, and face that team from AZ, Rush 18 Red.  MOVA struck first, wining the first set 25-19, then losing the second set, as closely as one can, 23-25.  The third, was a SLUGFEST...PERIOD... with both teams, Banging, Blocking, and Serving at a High Clip, and when the "dust settled" Rush survived a Thriller...11-15.....oh, and did I mention this match was for ...A, when I say Thriller, I mean....THRILLER!! (Eye-Witness)

Day 3, a very VALIANT 18G Boys team played their first match using all they had left in the tank, from the BATTLE ROYAL they had played in their last one, to fall in 2 sets, that could have gone either way for much of it. Over all they finished, 12TH out of 48 teams.

  All and all, this team was "knocking on the door" and it is believed that in the next few weeks, with health holding up, will have a chance again to not just...knock, but "Kick it in!!"  Great Luck Gentlemen!!

There were two more teams that "Put in Serious Work" in Chicago.  18 Black and 17 Gold. These two teams, grew in overall volleyball knowledge (vb IQ), consistency, and over all level of play.

17G, pushed 3 sets, 3 times and Won another in straight sets (2). Their upside is very strong as, half of the team is new to the team, they are having to "Gel" fast..and with that, they are growing there game, not only individually, but also as a team.  Future is bright, and we are looking forward to seeing that light get brighter and brighter!!  Respect Gentlemen and Coaches.

For 18B, also who has about 50% new players on a (18's) team, have had to push to Gel quickly.  Real-Time growth also shows in their play. Pushed three sets in two matches, winning the first set in one, and the second set in the other, and that one was their final match of the weekend. They showed true fight, loosing sets by an average of no more than 6 points over three days. With that said, all the Seniors on this team have a potential to play college level volleyball and are being recruited or are already committed, and the others that are underclassmen, will be back next season for another shot. So to both 17G and 18B, "Hats off to you!!"  Your valiant efforts, are the building blocks of your volleyball future. We are looking forward, to that FUTURE!!

MOVA...simply put, is the #2 CLUB IN THE GATEWAY REGION IN BOTH GIRLS AND BOYS VOLLEYBALL, and in Chicago.....We Showed it!!